Intellectual Magpie


Anthony has a track record of leading the understanding and delivery of experiments, pilots and new products in the areas where emerging technologies converge and create new business models. Acknowledged by the Bank of England for his insight, Anthony has been regularly advising Governments and Regulators globally on the subject of new technologies and their potential for disruption for close to a decade.


With a career of several years in financial services, Anthony has worked in roles spanning everything from the retail network, wholesale banking and back office operations, becoming a data analyst and one of the first to use big data technologies at Barclays. Specializing in data, Anthony was one of the first to spot the potential of blockchain technology at Barclays and played a major role in positioning Barclays as a global leader in the space. Barclays became a founder member of the blockchain consortium R3 and progressed a number of collaborative explorations with them. In addition Barclays was the first UK bank to offer accounts to blockchain companies, notably including Circle Internet Financial in the first quarter of 2016 and completed the first live trade finance customer transaction on blockchain technology with WAVE in September 2016. After some work exploring custody with BNY Mellon in early 2018, Anthony returned to join the newly formed BUK Ventures arm of Barclays which shared his passion for customer focused product innovation where, among other projects, led on the investment in to self sovereign identity company Evernym which was recently acquired by Avaast. Most recently Anthony was the UK Head of Risk and Security for the global crypto exchange


Cryptoassets, payments, blockchain, stablecoins, CBDCs, self sovereign identity, NFTs, emerging technology trends, corporate innovation and obstacles to change